Ghidini Steam Boilers

Who we are Steam Boilers Manufacturer

Founded in Milan in 1955 and transferred in S. Giuliano in 1974, Ghidini Benvenuto srl is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial ironing machines, present in more than fifty countries on five continents through their capillary and strong network of over three hundred distributors and dealers.
Their availability to make true the customers' requirements ended in the company developing, extensively and independently from the rest of the production, the field of STEAM GENERATORS which, so far, are not only the answer to the requirements of ironing equipment but address as well a wide variety of applications which range from food or room sterilization to the building of Hammams, from pastry making to metal washing.

About use of the steam About use of the steam

The company's willingness to expand has helped introduce Ghidini Benvenuto where the use of steam is required, and their studies have focused on the forms of steam and their multiple uses, leading to those modifications of standard generators needed in order to produce various types of steam, such as, for example, humid, dry and clean steam: to that end, the use of STAINLESS steel has contributed to guarantee their access to all applications in which hygiene and environment and machine sterility are a fundamental requisite.

Products/Generators Products/Generators

The range of machines which make up the STEAM GENERATOR field boasts a wide choice of products. They range from a 5-liter boiler steam generator with a 3- to 8-Kg/h production to the larger Maxi 180 and its three 55-liter boilers which produce from 80 to 250 kg/h; many power options which can be used on the boilers can be chosen from, starting with the single-resistance 3.3kW to the dual-resistance 30kW+30kW one of larger machines. And the use of STAINLESS steel is very important: the customer can have the steam generator fitted with a STAINLESS steel boiler or even the whole steam circuit made in STAINLESS steel.