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Putting into operation

  • The whole unit can be used, opened and repaired by qualified personnel only.
  • It is forbidden to use the machine if flooded by liquids or in particularly aggressive or explosive/inflammable places.
  • Do not ignore the dangers for the operator’s health and follow the hygienic and safety regulations.
  • Check that the electrical wiring is carried out correctly according to the current regulations, and that the fuse blocks are closed and complete of suitable fuses. Install a safety circuit breaker.
  • Make sure that all control and safety devices are intact.


The condensate recovery tank has been designed to collect the condensate produced by steam, thus allowing a considerable water and energy saving by heat of the condensed water.

  • Connect the machine to the power line, by paying attention to the voltage and frequency indicated on the coil of the solenoid valve.
  • Connect the pipe of the condensate return to the 1” gas female sleeve.
  • Mount a water outlet sleeve to the 1” gas female sleeve, according to need and use of the condensate.
  • For a proper functioning, set the thermostat to a maximum temperature of 60/70°C


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