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  • The unit can be used, opened and repaired by qualified technicians only.
  • It is forbidden to use the machine if flooded by liquids or in particularly aggressive or explosive/inflammable places.
  • Do not ignore the dangers for the operator’s health and follow the hygienic and safety regulations.
  • Check that the electrical wiring is carried out correctly according to the current regulations, and that the fuse blocks are closed and complete of fuses.
  • Check if all the cables, and the control and safety devices are intact.


The superheaters S-1000 e S-2000 are designed to superheat water vapour or compressed air and require an external power, and steam / compressed air supply for their operation. Both units feature an ‘on’ switch and a thermostat for the temperature regulation from 100°C to 300°C.

  • It is possible to install the units at any point of the steam/compressed air outlet pipe, though it would be preferable to set them up next to the place of use.
  • Connect the steam/compressed air inlet to the female ¼ gas nipple situated on the side.
  • Connect the steam/compressed air outlet to the female ¼ gas nipple situated on the back.
  • Carry out the electrical wiring of the superheater, paying attention to the supply voltages.
  • Turn on the unit by means of the front switch. Once the boiler heating warning light turns off, the unit will be ready for use.
  • Use the specially provided pedal to operate the unit.


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